My secret voodoo habit

It is often argued that apart from our technology, we are exactly the same people we were two thousand years ago (and possibly longer) in terms of intelligence and emotional behaviour. If that is the case then it stands to reason that the thinking which resulted in people being burnt at the stake for witchcraft is still prevalent today. Science and education have largely dispelled a lot of superstitions for those people who have access to such luxuries but for a lot of people, witchcraft and voodoo are still the only medical and legal services they have recourse to.

These very superstitions are still extant in many countries today and their murderous rituals are exported and even conducted (illegally) in ‘civilized’ Western countries. I qualify the term civilized because our thinking is still riddled with fear and superstition; we don’t have witches and voodoo anymore but we do have Al Qaeda and a vengeful God.

I always wonder what the people of the future, two thousand years hence (if we are still around), will think of some of our beliefs today.

Superstition is like an addiction; you can cure it with education but you always remain an addict. If the education is tampered with or the unknown entity becomes so great we are overwhelmed with fear, the addiction is always ready to reclaim its victim.

Quick! Hide my nakedness!

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  1. [...] It was a timely reminder that we still have the voodoo thinking that made us burn witches at the stake. It will be intersting to see if, in a couple of hundred years’ time, scientists will discuss this period in history as the superstitious beliefs of a deluded people who failed to look at the facts objectively. [...]

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