Thank you Channel 4

What a fabulous public service Channel 4 has provided with its Ofcom result.

We now know how little regulation there is in television regarding the veracity of any programme that is not considered a news item. That means any lobby group, fundamentalist, white supremacist or capitalist can sponsor a programme about any scientific idea, make stuff up about it and get it shown on television with impunity.

In the past, anything that was shown on television was accepted as fact because someone had gone to a lot of time, trouble and expense to make a programme. As a result most people got their view of the world from television and believed it was a true one.

We now know different; it’s all made up half truths, statistical lies, misinformation and misrepresentation. So if Channel 4 are doing it, who else is and why? What are they protecting? Ultimately, this means we can’t believe anything that we see or hear on television. This can only be a good thing because it is true (I once saw something on television about it [Americans beware; irony!]) and we need to know important stuff like this.

So thank you again Channel 4 for alerting us to this truth.

Incidentally, you would be amazed how even the ‘news’, which is supposed to be protected, can be doctored within the parameters of the law to suit a propagandists point of view.

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