Philips Onis 6311 update

I complained about this telephone here. Since that time It has been gathering dust in a drawer, waiting to be immolated on camera before being posted on You tube.

Then I had a better idea. I decided it might be more interesting and educational if I methodically took the telephone apart with my nine year old son to see if we could divine the cause of the problem. So that’s what we did at the weekend.

I remember when I first encountered this problem with the on/off button that I googled it and found a chap with exactly the same complaint who decided to do a repair on his phone. He said it was difficult to get into the phone without damaging it and once inside he discovered some green goo which prevented the button from operating.

When we did our repair we had exactly the same experience. I wasn’t too careful with my dismantling because I fully intended to throw the thing away once we had explored it and so plastic lugs went flying. We too found the green goo preventing a dry contact with the on/off button. It was surmised that the liquid crystal display may have leaked. We wiped it up and then thought to try and put the phone back together again. Despite the broken lugs it fitted back together quite nicely. Then another thought entered our heads. You guessed it – ‘would it now work?’

I charged up the batteries until I had the display show up, then I plugged it into a telephone line and hey presto! it worked. It is once again now in useful service in another part of the house.

The are two lessons here;
1. Assume nothing. It was an electronic device of which I had little practical knowledge, and so I assumed the fault was a complicated one that involved a dead component. Upon inspection it turned out to be some liquid that needed wiping up. Until you look, you don’t know.

2. You need to look. It is too easy to adopt the ‘learned helplessness’ of our throw away society. By being curious and undaunted, we preserve some independence. If it is too complicated, then by all means buy another or get help. If you have nothing to lose have a go yourself first (unless it’s dangerous).

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