Ukrainian Easter

23 April 2006

It was a Ukrainian celebration today; Easter Sunday. My family were meeting up at my mothers house. My elder brother and his wife had returned from a holiday in North America the day before and so warned everyone they may not be there as they could be jet lagged. When I arrived with my family we noticed their car outside the house and so they had made the effort despite the jet lag, which was good as it meant the entire family was there.

Once inside the house it was non stop chatter as everyone had something to report on. I had a beer as I told my brother about the incident with the debtor and he told me a few stories about his experiences in America. It was probably the most relaxed and unguarded get together I had experienced in that house and I became aware of the power of family when it is functional. At that moment I belonged to a family and identified myself with that group of people. It was a natural way to feel and calmed me in a reasurring way. The family is the glue that keeps people sane, motivated and centred.

It was a good day. There was love in that room and it made me feel lucky.

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  1. Asian Women Info

    I just watched the film on TCM as well! And I too, am searching for the book, for it seemed like a really great story, and well, I missed the first part. (: Sucha pity the woman who betrayed Mr Terasaki shares my name though. :(

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