The media is sick

Here is an example of the worst excesses of the media.

A news item on a national UK programme concerned an American youth who is a paparazzi.


He’s fifteen, and he’s driven around by his dad.


Nope, that’s it. That’s the story. Oh wait! They’re making a documentary about him.

Am I missing something here? This is so uninteresting, they’re even making a documentary about it? ‘They‘ wouldn’t be the media would it?

Once again we have to ask ‘who is deciding to tell us about these stories?’ You can bet your house that someone, somewhere has a vested financial interest in this story and they want to get the best possible return on this investment.

Don’t ever believe that news stories are ‘neutral’ and are simply the most interesting stories around that day. For example, I can’t imagine that the entire population of the UK is so fascinated with the American presidential race that they need to know when one of the candidates bends over to pick up a piece of paper. The media is a toy of the rich and powerful and they like to play with this toy all by themselves. (Incidentally, it won’t matter a jot who wins the presidential race, as their political process ensures a particular mindset gets through; black, female or gay – it won’t make any difference to their foreign policy).

And finally…(see what I did there?) isn’t the job of a paparazzi a little like being a prostitute or drug dealer? In that case, why aren’t there news reports of fifteen year old girls being driven around by their dads so they can service the sexual needs of desperate men?

Hey, Michael Moore, we could do with a new documentary about the media please.

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