There’s gold in them thar silicon valleys!

The internet seems a very good analogy for the 1848 California gold rush. The ‘gold’ on the internet is information and the value of this gold is measured in the currency of traffic.

Thousands of people rushed to the area in California but most only managed to scratch a living. As on the internet. I’m sure the prospectors of old studied their water filled pans with the same sort of expectation as the vast majority of website owners today study their Google Analytics’ graphs. And probably with the same outcome; no glint of gold, no hint of a spike in the all too familiar flatline.

Some prospectors became spectacularly wealthy of course when they hit uopn a huge deposit of gold (for ‘prospectors’ read ‘developers’). And I guess it is the ISP’s who are the equivalent of the shovel manufacturers who became quietly wealthy on the backs of the prospectors.

However, unlike the 1848 gold rush, the internet does not get depleted with all the prospecting, on the contrary, it becomes more enriched.

The new gold is information. But the old problem still persists, how do you find the really valuable nuggets?

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