An apology to Menzies Campbell

Isn’t age discrimination against the law?

I thought it was. So why didn’t anybody do anything about Menzies Campbell being hounded out of his position as leader of the Liberal Democrats due to his age?

It got me thinking, at what age do you suddenly become unacceptable as a leader? One day you are the rational thinking, wise, resolute leader of a party, then on your fiftieth birthday you are told to start packing your bags old man because younger and better looking charismatic television stars want to be leader.

And what if Ming had been fifty but in a wheelchair? Would the media have attacked him as being unfit to lead a party simply because he was a cripple? Why wasn’t David Blunkett excoriated for being blind? – the tabloid press could have had a field day with puns about his disability. Or maybe it’s only open season if you are a leader.

Equally, can you be too young? Can you be too tele-visual? How about an ‘X – factor’ type show for politicians; vote for some eighteen year old hunk as your new leader. They won’t haven a clue about how the world works but hey, the kids and women will all vote for him in a general election.

It’s an utter disgrace. On behalf of the national consciousness, which should hang its head in shame, I apologise unreservedly Mr Campbell.

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