Has anybody else noticed this – when you ask friends and colleagues about their television viewing habits, more and more claim they don’t watch much? A few of the people I spoke to even admitted that they didn’t have a television.

Someone I was speaking with today likened television to being an open sewer flowing through his living room. He only had a television for the sake of his children.

This was a revelation. I had come to the conclusion some time ago that all the output from the tv channels was propaganda of one sort or another – propaganda promoting democracy or capitalism is still propaganda, and I had started to limit my viewing to mostly natural history and science programmes. I also never believe anything I see on television now unless I have experienced it myself first hand.

It was heartening to realise that other people have also seen through the insidious brainwashing techniques of television. With time and the internet, the power of the media moguls will slowly be eroded.

But only slowly.

The recent debacle with premium rate ‘phone ins highlights the problem. Asking people to ‘phone in when they have no chance of winning is, put simply, fraud. It is a criminal offence. And yet (as far as I am aware) no one in television has even been sacked, let alone charged for this offence. Why is that?

The best we can hope for is that yet more people come to realise what a cynical, perfidious whore they have invited into their living rooms.

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  1. sculp says:

    As the hapless individual who made the ‘open sewer’ comment to our blogger I now have to wonder if owning a television for the sake of my children, and my refusal to watch it for the sake of my soul and sanity is the benign indulgence of a fond parent, or heartless indifference to the increasingly polluted state of their half formed minds.
    Modern Life Is Rubbish…

  2. ivor says:

    I never looked at it like that Dave, but you’re right, it’s too easy to abrogate responsibility for so many things to organisations we know nothing about. And who would willingly put their child in the care of a cynical, perfidious whore?
    Maybe it’s time for the ‘punters’ to take back the world.

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