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I was looking at an online newspaper and enjoying the articles when suddenly the site stopped working – I couldn’t navigate to any other stories or continue reading the story I’d started. Then, out of the speakers on my computer a popular song started playing. It only played for a few seconds before another popular song started playing immediately after it. That too was cut short to make way for a snippet from another popular song.

What the hell was going on? After a couple of minutes, the stream of song snippets stopped playing and the site I was on started working again so I could continue enjoying the news articles.

But then, half an hour later, exactly the same thing happened! Exactly the same snippets of the popular songs played in roughly the same order. In desperation I quit the site and decided to go to a  rival online newspaper. To my astonishment, it too was playing snippets of the same popular songs and I had to wait until they’d stopped playing before I could access the news articles. This was weird. But it didn’t stop there: since that time it doesn’t matter which online news outlet I visit, every half hour the sites all freeze and pump out snippets from a selection of the most popular songs topping the charts that week before I can access the stories I want.

How did this happen? Why is it allowed to happen? No one seems to know. The weird thing is, everyone accepts it as the natural order of things.

Okay, this didn’t happen but when I try to listen to radio stations that are supposed to plays music it happens all the bloody time with interruptions of ‘news’. How did news acquire such hegemony?

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