How stupid do they think we are?

The Japanese hunt whales for ’scientific research’.

Apparently, they want to measure the size of the whale population. This research costs a lot of money, so they fund it by… killing whales (which they need to do to determine various factors regarding the health of the whales) and selling the whale meat.

The scientists report back to whoever, in the Japanese government. Usually the report goes something like this;

‘Well, we’ve noticed a decline in the whale population as a whole. We’re not too sure why this is happening so we would like to do more research – can we have some money?’

The government usually responds with;

‘Yes, it would be good to find out why the whale population is declining as a whole. We don’t have any money for this but you can fund your research with the whales that you kill (which you need to do, right?). So, thanks for the report and we look forward to next year’s report.’

I can only think the news items I’ve read are having some huge sick joke.

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