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The BettaKultcha Random Slide Challenge

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Rich Daley (Pedantic git) commented on twitter that the BettaKultcha Random Slide Challenge was a misnomer and it should be re-branded the Mystery Slide Challenge.

Admitting it wasn’t quite as catchy, it was, he continued, a more accurate description of the process.

His premise was that, as the BettaKultcha team (or whoever puts the slides together) is choosing the slides, then there is nothing random about the process; the slides are researched and selected (unless of course, we have a pool of pre-selected slides and we randomly pull them out of a hat).

But couldn’t the same argument apply to the mystery selection description? Whoever is selecting the slides is familiar with them and therefore the slides cannot be said to be mysterious in any way.

If he is arguing that we take the viewpoint from the final consumer of the slides—the volunteer at one of the BettaKultcha events who is trying to make a story out of them—then to them, the slides are indeed random as there appears to be no obvious link from one to the other.  It could not really be said that the slides are mysterious to the presenter (unless they were so unusual that the presenter did not know what they were meant to represent) as they would recognise what is being displayed.

I therefore contend that ‘Random Slide Challenge’ is an accurate description.

As you can see, very little has happened today and I am able to distract myself with such important considerations…