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Reality television made real

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

I don’t think these ‘reality television’ shows go far enough; their potential is being wasted. They are a brilliant idea in terms of marketing – everybody wins (except the public who pay for it all).

This is typically, how one of these shows works. Say a big theatre production is looking for the new lead in the show. The ‘auditions’ are turned into a television competition where the viewers eventually vote for their favourite performer. This is sheer genius because;

1. A television show is made which can then be sold to other countries.

2. A theatre show gets free massive publicity.

3. The public pay to vote on the performers via premium rate telephone numbers thereby accruing extra revenue for the producers.

4, The viewers are more likely to go and see the show because they have a sense of ownership over the eventual winner and they will want to see ‘how they get on’.

5. Because of 4. the show is more likely to be a success thereby limiting the financial exposure of the backers (they probably even get a cut of the television revenues as well).

The producers of the television show and the theatre show can’t lose. So why stop at entertainment? Why not do the same for politics?

Imagine you want to start a new political party and you need to elect a leader (or an existing party needs to elect a new leader). Instead of keeping the thing internal, televise it! You could devise certain exercises for the contestants to perform such as, who could lie the most convincingly in a public hearing or shift responsibility for a catastrophic decision most adroitly to a junior member of the party or even to another contestant. The public vote on who they want evicted from the competition depending on their performance. This works brilliantly with politicians because it’s a win win situation; the politician with most votes gets kicked out so they’re happy either way!

The eventual winner of the show will have a ready made following and will thereby guarantee a certain percentage of the real vote come election day. The thorny problem of party funding can also be solved at a stroke by the money coming from the telephone votes and programme sales.

Genius or what?

But wait! It gets even better. The concept can be extended to Britain’s overcrowded jails.

A show can be devised around a prison, based on the ‘Big Brother’ programme idea where camera’s are hidden all around the prison. The viewers vote on the prisoners they least want released into society and the eventual winner gets early release from prison and a career in presenting children’s television shows. The money raised from the show can then go to fund the building of new film sets, er, I mean prisons.

I am also available for solving world poverty issues.